Dungeon War dev Part 1

So I feel now that the best way to get back to being hired is to start sharing how I approach projects, and my thoughts behind putting some of them together. It wasn’t until now (maybe a week after I had set up my website to do this and this blog) that I finally have an idea. It is a game design I’m tentatively calling Dungeon War.

The idea came from thinking about Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons from the cartoon Gravity Falls. It’s obviously a parody of Dungeons and Dragons, laden with heavy mathematics that (as cool as that would be) I do not want to try to replicate. Instead, I liked the simple idea that one character is the dungeon master, the other is the player, and navigating/surviving a dungeon to defeat the boss is the objective. What kind of game would that look like with only two players?

Moreover as Dipper, one of the main characters, is shown assembling a dungeon. I wanted to add the mechanic where one player takes the time to assemble a set of cards and abilities to comprise his or her dungeon for an adventuring player to face. With this concept in mind I took some time letting ideas and thoughts flow on to paper, and now I have the development ideas for a two player micro-adventure game.

This is the first time I’ll be documenting one of my projects, and I’ll be posting the results on my website. I’ll follow up here in a bit with more on the design and some thoughts that put together the concept!

Dungeon War dev Part 1

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