[1] Atlas of Kharak – Comparing Kharak

Since Deserts of Kharak released this past week I found I missed Homeworld a lot. I’m a backstory nut, and with my passion for art projects I gravitated to the atlas of Kharak in the supplementary “Expedition Guide” BBI gave out to those who pre-ordered.

It’s nice, but I think it’s incomplete. It doesn’t specify all the locations and places that were mentioned in the previous installments of the lore. I have the feeling BBI might have been a bit rushed when they put this out, or perhaps they decided to fill in information later, or both. Regardless I feel like I do want to go ahead and map Kharak on my own, maybe to create an atlas and present it to BBI.

I wanted to start with this the same way I got my Homeworld maps started: Compile all resources, sift through them in order of canonicity, draw, inform. This research part of the project is hampered some because some work has to be done to get the assets needed to present the clearest picture. I also want to make the most “accurate” to the original materials as possible, because that is one of my goals for this project.

My first objective was extracting the Kharak planet asset from Homeworld Remastered. This was a higher-detail and more recent depiction of the planet than in the original. My own efforts to extract it hit a roadblock when the mod tool would not unpack the asset. Fortunately I had some help from the Gearbox forums, and I was able to import HWR’s textures into 3DS Max to create some impressive visuals.



However, this isn’t the most true source.

The Expedition guide gives us the most recent and current map in a number of ways. Kharak is now a setting, not a background object, and careful attention was paid across Deserts of Kharak to match all of the in-between map images to the map in the Expedition Guide. Since more sources point to that, it would seem like the HWR map is knocked down a grade in what is the most truest source.

How I found this out was by trying to find DoK locations on the HWR map. Not finding them, I tried to compare landmarks to work my way from there. The HWR Kharak has a massive northern sea whereas the DoK one does not.


The final straw for the HWR map was a small paragraph in the Homeworld 1 manual describing Kharak’s environment… that there are three northern seas and the great Majiirian ocean in the south. Aside from splitting HWR’s massive northern ocean into different areas, it would seem DoK is the truest-to-form of this description.

Now I just need to find a way to get a hold of the map out of the Expedition guide. A pity it is so low-resolution, but it’s the “truest” source to start with making an all-encompassing world atlas of Kharak.

[1] Atlas of Kharak – Comparing Kharak

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