[1] HWM-v3: The concept Empires


Hi all, sorry for the hiatus.

Decided to brush off the dust on the Homeworld map to put a little more work into it. I’d like to start defining some of the custom races I illustrated in V1… and I feel like if I want to move forward on that, I need to place them in the “current” version of the Homeworld map.

Since this is the first time I’m posting about the Homeworld map here, I’d like to direct you to my development thread on Relicnews (it lacks pictures because the RN image host is gone, but the writing remains). I’d also like to direct you to the project page for this on my website going into a little more development detail on the map.

When I approach filling in details for the Homeworld Map I always tried to stay as “true to sources” as possible. If canon couldn’t make a complete picture I turned to concept artwork of the Homeworld galaxy to try filling in the blanks. Version 1 of the map was not as exhaustive about this as Versions 2 and 3… with 3 being the most concise version so far.

So I’ve already applied sources that are canon in Homeworld 2 for defining “space areas”. Now I’ve moved on to applying information from one of two Homeworld concept maps that provide a lot of information:


With these things added to the current map, now I need to edit the data into something more presentable, and then start attaching identities to these new entities in the Homeworld universe. What I had on ver 1 was well received, so many of those peoples will probably return.

[1] HWM-v3: The concept Empires

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