[5] Atlas of Kharak – Tiir’s location

The city model is coming along but I have a little snippet from some poking around of Kharak’s texture map. I wanted to place Tiir itself.

Tiir’s location was originally stated in the Homeworld 1 manual to be in a canyon “blasted into the side of Kharak’s tiny ice cap”. However, in one cutscene Deserts of Kharak places Tiir well and away from the polar ice caps… actually close enough to the deserts for the Gaalsien to threaten it. In fact, it’s not even close to the caps to really explain the polar ice caps retreating since the foundation of the city… since that would presume the icecaps at one time nearly covered the northern hemisphere.

But let’s not get judgemental over details shall we? Besides, I’m going out of my way to look for things that might not look good under close scrutiny. There will be errors, just like the Homeworld 1 region maps don’t line up to the strategic map. I’ll think up a plausible reason for Tiir’s placement when it comes to creating the written content for this Atlas of Kharak, should I get to that step.

Back to the point. Tiir was defined in Deserts of Kharak in one cutscene that names a few locations in the northern Coalition (along with the Frontier Wall and frontier bases, but no other cities). It is easily found afterward because it has the largest sensor dome of all the northern habitats.

I picked one of the screencaps I had of this cutscene and decided to do some image enhancing in photoshop. Soon I was able to spot some latitude and longitude lines. Through it I was able to pick out where I presume Tiir is located:


It’s somehwere within that isthmus along what seem to be fertile vallies now. Perhaps the Naabal hid away in this valley while the strife was going on all around them. I don’t think aircraft were an invention during the Heresy wars (if anyone had them, it was Naabal or Sjet), so it would be easily overlooked to travellers on foot.

Part of the reason I looked into this was because I wondered if I should include cliffs in the map of Tiir. The snapshots that we have don’t show an obvious sign of immediate mountains, so it must be wide enough of a valley for the cliffsides to be lost in the distance. That, or Tiir’s “camera” is aimed away from the walls. Yet we can see the Scaffold fly overhead to give us some idea of where that camera is oriented. It appears, after all, that Kharak’s sun sets in the east. Noticed that detail as Kapisi was leaving their base in mission 1, headed east, into a sunset as they traveled to the Boneyard.


[5] Atlas of Kharak – Tiir’s location

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